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A Kinesiology graduate from McMaster University (1999) as well as an Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant Honours graduate from Mohawk College (2001), Lisa Caruso has been a part of the Healthy Body team for almost 15 years. Lisa works closely with our providers to ensure that the exercise portions of rehabilitation and maintenance programs are learned with precision. She works one on one with our clients to ensure that each exercise is being performed properly, providing clients and their therapist with important information regarding observed body awareness and muscle strength and control.

In addition to this, Lisa also completed the Instructors training courses in Matwork and the Reformer through STOTT Pilates in 2002. She has been instructing clients and implementing the Pilates principles of core stability in the form of group classes and private individual sessions ever since. Her belief in the process and principles of Pilates stems from the results that she has witnessed throughout the years. She has seen how the addition of Pilates exercises can reduce back pain, improve flexibility, increase overall strength and co-ordination and ultimately improve an individual’s quality of life and self-esteem. Whether the client is a teen-ager, senior, athlete or accident victim, Lisa is able to make appropriate accommodations so that results are attained.

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