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Alex Angel received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree after graduating from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.  In addition, Dr. Angel has also become an Active Release Techniques certified provider, and is also certified in western medical acupuncture.

When Alex isn’t helping patients, you might spot him jogging with his dog Loki, trying not to step on Sarah’s toes at Salsa dance classes, or practicing his mad scientist impression while brewing beer at home.

Why are you a Chiropractor?

My best friend was injured in a car crash, and I watched him go from a healthy, athletic guy  to a shell of himself.  Taking morphine tablets every day, barely able to move, and unable to sleep because of the pain, he had almost lost hope.  In desperation, he started seeing a chiropractor.  

The change which started with seeing a chiropractor was dramatic - after a few weeks he could sleep through the night, and after a few months he was a new man.  Taking him for treatments, I saw patients enter the clinic, moving stiffly, cringing in pain.  When they left, I saw the patients smiling and moving easily.  I was moved by what I saw.

I asked the Doctor there about what he does, and he offered me a tour of the Chiropractic College in which he teaches.  The rest is history!

Why should I come to see you?

Because I’ll get you the help you need, no matter what’s going on.  If you’re suffering from something that hands-on therapy, electrical modalities, acupuncture or rehab exercises can fix, I’ll get you better!  If I recognize that you would be better served by some other specialist, I’ll send you to them.

I am first and foremost in the service of my patients.

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