Providing Care During COVID-19

Updated June 8, 2023:

Hey everyone!  While basically all public health measures concerning the COVID-19 pandemic have been relaxed, Healthy Body is still maintaining the following :

  • Plexiglas barriers at reception
  • Use of hand sanitizer by our team and patients
  • Discretionary use of personal protective equipment by our team
  • Full cleaning & disinfection of each treatment room between patients

What This Means for My Visit

Your next appointment will be similar to how the clinic operated prior to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • We are no longer actively screening patients.  Please self-monitor yourself for possible COVID-19 symptoms.
  • You can come right in when you arrive for your appointment – you don’t need to call upon arrival and wait for your practitioner to come get you outside.
  • Masks are encouraged for patient use while in the clinic. 
  • Your practitioner will use masks at their discretion and your comfort level.  If you’re masked, they will don their own mask to match your level of comfort.

How Are You Screening For COVID-19?

At this point in time the Ontario Government is asking patients and customers to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms.  We are no longer actively screening people who enter the clinic.

Please find the Ontario self-assessment here.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or the Ontario self-assessment recommends you self-isolate, and you can’t make your appointment, call us at 905-389-9522 and we will figure out your next steps.

We're All In This Together.

COVID-19 is indeed a serious concern.  With the right safeguards, and considerations, we can slow the spread and reduce the risk.  Please help us keep our community safe.  If you or someone you are in close contact with develops COVID-19 symptoms prior to your visit, please call and let us know.  We will then either take extra precautions during your visit or reschedule you to a later date.

We will never charge a cancelled appointment fee for an illness.

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